CLT Prefab Houses

CLT prefab panel houses: the most efficient way of constructing new homes

While it's more and more often being used for all kinds of construction projects, CLT or cross-laminated timber is especially popular in the manufacturing of prefab houses. The main reason for this is that CLT panels can be manufactured with pre-installed insulation and all the necessary communication networks, which considerably decreases the installation time, as there is no need to perform all of that work on site. It's important to mention that the reduced construction time does not negatively impact the building in any way – high-quality CLT prefab houses are just as structurally sound as buildings that are completely assembled on site, and they can also provide great flexibility in terms of design and appearance. Overall, prefabricated CLT homes are a great solution for modern and versatile construction.
Cross laminated timber

Advantages of CLT prefab houses


One of the advantages of CLT prefab houses that's highly appreciated among architects, builders and property developers is fast construction time. Modular and prefab panel homes can be manufactured with all the necessary utilities, as well as insulation already installed at the factory. You can imagine how much faster the construction process can become that way, as installing them on site can take up loads of time. And you won't have to hire companies or workers that specialize in fitting electricity, plumbing or other utilities - if they come pre-installed, the building can be assembled by any construction worker.

Environmentally Friendly

The manufacturing process of CLT is a lot more friendly to the environment than that of concrete or steel, as it creates a smaller amount of greenhouse gas emissions. And the wood used for our cross-laminated timber is only sourced from sustainably grown forests, therefore, it can help you make your construction project more environmentally conscious. In addition to that, engineered wood products like CLT can even be considered more friendly to the environment than other timber construction materials, as it effectively utilises timber, reducing any waste.

Prefab CLT houses are not only environmentally friendly, fast to build and appealing design-wise but also rather cost-effective. That's mostly thanks to the pre-fabrication aspect, as a large part of the construction work or even all of it can be done at the factory. Thanks to that, the on-site assembly and installation work is reduced to a minimum, which allows employing just a small construction team for the process. That, of course, can considerably bring down the total cost of the construction project.
construction work

The technology of CLT prefab houses

The prefab houses manufactured by Wigo by Praslas are mainly created either by manufacturing modules that are then assembled on site or by building the whole house in a controlled facility. Both of them can be used for all kinds of buildings – from small garden buildings to multi-story residential houses, but, of course, each one of them has its pros and cons, depending on the specifics of your project. Find out more about each of these methods below to find out which one is more suitable for you!

Modular homes are made from modules that are prefabricated in the factory, including all the utilities, like pipes and cables, as well as insulation, roofing, windows and all the other necessary components. That way the whole building can be transported to the site and placed on the foundation straight away, with no installation work required. The modules can even include all of the furniture and interior elements, nearly eliminating any necessary on-site work.

In this case, all of the structural components are built inside the factory using CLT panels and then transported to the customer's property where the building can be assembled in a matter of days. This option is especially useful if you plan to build in a location which isn't easily accessible because the panels can be conveniently transported to almost anywhere. The panels can also include insulation, exterior windows and decorative cladding, which speeds up the installation process.

Create a pleasant living environment with a CLT house

Global construction trends show that people tend to return to wood as a construction material to create a more pleasant and healthy living environment. Buildings made of timber, including CLT panels, offer a living environment for its inhabitants that correspond with modern living conditions, as it creates a more natural feel than other construction materials can. Moreover, the structural properties of CLT allow for it to be used for load-bearing structures as well, not only for visual elements, therefore enhancing the positive effects of timber. Besides, visual-grade CLT also has a very delightful appearance, both when used for interior, as well as exterior. That's why more and more people use CLT to create a certain atmosphere for both residential and commercial construction projects .
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