Sustainable prefabricated and
modular wood buildings

Manufacturing traditions since 1934

Off-site construction is at the heart of every project we complete   

’Wood is the building material of the future’, it has many advantages such as natural climate control and is breathable, thus providing the best air quality and atmosphere in any of Wigo projects. The natural and clean way of building makes you feel proud and in harmony with the environment.

It all starts with the choice of wood, WIGO uses only the highest quality wood and drying is done by extreme caution – to continue production of timber products, CLT panels, wooden frame and modular houses.

Each project is uniquely created to order, perfectly engineered to the finest detail and the process is controlled by strict quality criteria.

Solid wood wall, ceiling and floor elements are manufactured in factory that meets all European Union criteria. The WIGO-Innovo system is patented and therefore unique in the field of timber house production. WIGO-Innovo system will provide a healthy, breathable indoor climate. Patented press guarantees even pressure and drying of solid wood elements in one step. Further installations such as electricity and water supply are already considered during production. High-quality state-of-the-art equipment and professionally trained staff will provide a home that will last for generations

Houses are not only made of solid wood construction, but WIGO also offers wooden frame construction. Through continuous development and research, WIGO’s production technology is being developed in accordance with ecological guidelines. WIGO production, delivery and assembly times are self-explanatory. You will be able to move into your new home at your scheduled time

WIGO appreciate what is important - quality and sustainability.

Key directions of the company

Wigo produce high-quality and functional prefab CLT and modular houses and commercial projects across a range of industries.

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Quality assured by off-site construction

Cross Laminated timber (CLT), prefabricated panels, modular systems, we have the right timber product for you

Whether you’re building a multi storey commercial building, or the tallest wood building, our CLT panels  are the perfect fit for your mass timber project

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