CLT Panels

Prefab CLT panels: the most advantageous construction material for modern timber buildings

CLT panels are gradually becoming the construction material of choice for many professionals in the industry and there are two main reasons behind that. First of all, as they are prefabricated, the panels can be manufactured to include insulation, pre-fitted domestic utilities and communications networks, as well as trim and even windows, considerably shortening the on-site construction time. Secondly, as CLT is created from timber, it is considered more environmentally friendly than other construction materials – in terms of both its manufacturing process, as well as the living environment it creates. However, the list of advantages that cross-laminated timber panels provide doesn't end there, including many other perks, from cost-effectiveness to design flexibility
CLT Pannels

Technical properties of Wigo by Praslas CLT panels


Our CLT panels can have varied size and thickness, which allows to easily adapt them to the requirements of each specific project. For example, depending on the intended use, the panels can have between 3 and 5 layers, and their thickness can range from 60 to 260 mm. The size of panels can also vary, with the maximum size of a single panel being 2.92m x 10.5m. What's more important, the prefab panel can be manufactured to an exact size, according to the needs of any customer. Therefore, they stand out as a very versatile construction material, offering loads of flexibility for varied projects.
Size and thickness
Appearance And Design

As CLT panels can be used for both load-bearing and visual structures of a building, they are available in three varied types of appearance – visual quality, industrial visual quality and non-visual quality. As their names suggest, the former types are mainly used for interior and exterior elements that are visible in a completed building, while the latter is used for structural elements that are concealed, therefore its visual appearance is not that important. In addition to that, you can also choose the material the panels are made from – spruce, pine or larch – with each one of them having its own visual properties.

Each CLT panel consists of several massive planks of wood glued together, therefore, it already offers decent thermal insulation and soundproofing properties. However, to achieve better results in these parameters, it' recommended to add a layer of insulation. Besides, as already mentioned, insulation can be attached to the panel during the manufacturing process, therefore it won't require any effort on the construction site. Meanwhile, when it comes to fire safety, CLT is one of the best materials available on the market, as in the event of a fire it will slowly char, instead of burning with an open flame. Just make sure that you use appropriate cladding materials that won't compromise these properties by igniting the fire.
Insulation and fire resistance

CLT panels for private and commercial use


CLT prefab panels are a popular material for both single-family homes as well as larger residential developments. And it's not hard to see why, as it's a cost-efficient material that can help achieve reduced construction times, which makes it appealing for both property developers, as well as people constructing their own home. In addition to that, CLT also has appealing visual properties and it creates a pleasant living environment, which has helped it become a popular interior design trend.

The fast construction times and cost-efficiency are factors that are even more important when it comes to the construction of industrial or commercial buildings because businesses are always looking for options that are the most financially advantageous for them. Besides, if the building is completed ahead of time, it means that the business it is intended for can start operations in the new location earlier than planned, potentially even bringing in additional profits.

Prefabricated buildings from CLT

One of the greatest advantages that CLT panels can provide is the design flexibility, with the option to manufacture the panels accordingly to the project's requirements. However, if the ability to customize the appearance of the house isn't that important to you, and you'd rather prefer an exceptionally quick construction time, it might be a good idea to choose one of the prefabricated houses made from CLT. If you choose this option, the house will be constructed in the factory and then transported to the site in the form of panels or modules, where it can then be quickly and easily assembled.

Manufacturing process of CLT panels

CLT stands for cross-laminated timber and, as the name implies, the panels are made by glueing layers of wood together. What makes it different from other similar materials is that the layers are glued together perpendicularly to each other, which helps make it more durable. The whole process is carried out in several steps by computer-controlled machines, which ensures that they are cut to the exact necessary size, providing increased precision
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