CLT Floor, Roof, and Ceiling Panels

CLT is the perfect construction material for floor, roof and ceiling construction

While it is a truly universal construction material that can be used for nearly all structures of a house, CLT is especially popular for the construction of floors, roofs and ceilings. Thanks to the stable structural properties of cross-laminated timber, as well as the excellent heat and sound insulation, it's the perfect option for these kinds of building parts, whether it is used for load-bearing or visual structures. In addition to that, CLT also offers excellent fire resistance, charring on the outer layers instead of fully catching on fire like regular wood, therefore it's the perfect choice for such structurally important elements of a building. Last, but not least, CLT panels make the interior finishing a lot easier, because there's no need to prepare them before covering them with paint, flooring or decorative boards – they can be applied straight away
CLT Pannel

Advantages of CLT floors, roofs and ceilings


There are several reasons why CLT is an advantageous choice for floor construction - ranging in nature from cost-efficiency to safety. First of all, as the CLT panels are pre-manufactured before being shipped to the construction site, the CLT floor system can then be easily installed on site. Thanks to that, it's possible to greatly reduce the time that's necessary to lay flooring, compared to the traditional methods of doing so. Additionally, CLT can also provide reduced floor vibration in comparison to other widely used construction materials, and its insulation properties ensure higher thermal efficiency.
CLT pannel
CLT Roof

Cross-laminated timber can be used for many varied roof layouts with the same efficiency, due to the design flexibility of the material. Moreover, CLT roofing can also be very quickly constructed, therefore, buildings made using it can be made water-tight in a very short time. If the building envelope is designed correctly, cross-laminated timber also allows making it air-tight, which helps with controlling the heat transfer and the humidity levels of the building. That, in turn, is crucial to improving its energy efficiency and durability. As proper roof insulation is also extremely important to avoid heat loss from the building, the favourable thermal properties of cross-laminated timber can be considered an advantage as well.

Cross-laminated timber is often used for the construction of ceilings because, as it is with all the other structural elements, CLT ceiling systems are quick and easy to install, compared to other popular options. Thanks to the advantageous sound insulation properties of cross-laminated timber, its perfect for ceilings in residential of office buildings, where it is important to ensure privacy between inhabitants of different floors. In addition to that, the pleasant appearance of visual-quality CLT allows to use it for interiors. In fact, it's often intentionally used to provide the interior with a certain look, that only a wooden ceiling can create. And it often doesn't even require any additional finishing, providing the necessary appearance straight away.
CLT Ceiling

The versatility of Cross Laminated Timber

Whichever quality option you choose, CLT panels will make interior finishing considerably easier for you. If you have chosen non-visual or industrial visual quality, it can be covered with finishing materials with no additional preparation, meanwhile, visual quality panels are intended to be a part of the interior, therefore, no finishing is often required whatsoever, of course, it can also be painted, varnished if necessary.

These CLT panels are only intended for structures that are hidden to the eye by decorative elements, as the timber might have some attributes and defects that are deemed undesirable.

Some slight defects are allowed, therefore it's suitable for visible structures in industrial buildings, where the appearance isn't of crucial importance.

Includes only timber that has the lowest possible extent of cracks, faults and defects, to ensure that the interior of the building looks absolutely impeccable.
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