Manufacturing Equipment

Our manufacturing starts with quality materials and high-end processing provided by the Wigo Group’s automated equipment


  • Hundegger is on of the undisputed leaders in CNC Joinery equipment
  • Using the most innovative technology unmatched by any competitor, Hundegger saws are universally the most flexible machines used in wood construction: from wood truss components, EWP, Timber Joinery, log homes, glue-lam and CLT
  • Continued innovation has allowed Hundegger to provide customers with the most versatile and accurate machine available
  • The modular design of the Hundegger provides a solution for every timber operation from small-scale to large-scale enterprises
  • Saws are expertly manufactured and built to provide wood construction solutions for all types and sizes of industries
  • Speed cut machines are upgradeable with aggregates for boring, milling, slotting, marking, labeling

CNC processing table

We entrust the processing of our Cross Laminated Timber panels to the Austrian - made Siegel MKS - 2009.

This machine allows to process panels with maximum dimensions: 3mx11mx280mm

  • It is possible to saw any straight or diagonal lines
  • Milling is possible for square, oval or circular openings
  • The machine can mill shafts for electrical installation
  • It is possible to incorporate a half tongue of panels
  • Milling can also be done at an angle
  • Drill different types of holes from the top or sides of the panels

Patented CLT production line

  • Patented and therefore unique Cross Laminated Timber production line
  • Designed and engineered by specialists in the field of CLT 
  • Factory and materials certified by FSC, CE, ETA
  • 20’000mcan be manufactured per year
  • Supervised by Wigo Group specialists
  • Strict production protocol
  • On-going education

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