Prefab and Modular House Manufacturing

Wigo Group has many years of experience in house manufacturing from engineered wood materials


Using this method, the structural components of the house are built from CLT panels, which are then assembled on-site, along with attaching insulation and laying utilities


Prefab panels can be manufactured to already include insulation, as well as connections for all the necessary utilities, therefore reducing the necessary on-site work


We also offer individual solutions, combining both technologies to suit the customer’s needs. This way, some parts of the building are made using prefab panels, while other parts are made from regular CLT panels

 Methods of house manufacturing

Along with varied material options, we also offer two different methods of house manufacturing and assembly. Each one of these methods has its advantages, depending on the specifics of each construction project. You can find more information about each of them below

Prefabricated Houses

Eco-friendly houses made from high-quality materials
  • The structural components of prefabricated houses are built from CLT panels in our controlled facilities, reducing the time delay and material damage. They are then transported to the building site, where they can be easily and quickly assembled, minimizing noise pollution and minimises site disturbance for the surrounding area.

  • The prefab kit houses manufactured by Wigo are environmentally friendly and made from certified, high-quality materials. Our house manufacturing technology does not pollute the environment and the production of construction waste is reduced to a minimum

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modular houses

Quickly manufactured, high-quality modular homes
  • The modules that our modular houses are made of are quick to complete with each module then transported to the construction site, where they can be placed on the foundation straight away. The modules are made to include roofs, windows, doors, insulation and utilities, which means that they are ready-to-use buildings. It’s possible to create small buildings from just a single module, but in most cases, two or more modules are connected to achieve the desired design
  • It’s possible to manufacture modules for various kinds of buildings, including multi-story residential, public or commercial buildings, terraced houses and townhouses, as well as garden buildings, such as saunas, sheds, home offices, summer kitchens and cabins. Modules can also be used to create separate spaces in larger buildings, for example, meeting rooms. By combining various modules, it’s possible to quickly build student housing complexes or other residential projects

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Why choose us?

If you have decided to construct a prefabricated or modular house, the next step is to choose the manufacturer that will bring your project to life. We believe that we stand out among other European prefabricated and modular home manufacturers, thanks to the following advantages:


  • Decades of experience – the history of Wigo Group dates back to 1934, manufacturing prefabricated houses since the end of the 1950s.
  • State of the art technologies – our house manufacturing facility is equipped with modern, computer-controlled machines that ensure the highest precision.
  • Large manufacturing capacity – we are able to complete large-scale projects and offer quicker completion times than other manufacturers
  • Reliable logistics – once the modules and building components are completed, they can be quickly and safely delivered all over Europe

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