CLT - Cross Laminated Timber

Wigo Group CLT (cross-laminated timber) is the most advanced wood construction technology available

CLT panel production provides a full cycle of wood processing, involving state-of-the-art computer-controlled factory machinery.

Boards of kiln-dried, finger-jointed spruce are sorted and cut into sheets of up to 10.5m by 2,95m. These sheets are then stacked and glued in a press with microwave fixation in perpendicular layers. The cross laminated timber panels are available in 3, 4 or 5 board layers.

Cross-laminated timber can be used in all load-bearing and visual structures of the house - base floor, intermediate floor, roof, exterior walls, interior walls, terraces and balconies

The benefits of cross-laminated timber construction


Discover why cross laminated timber is being lauded as the construction material of the future! See the most important advantages this material can provide for builders, developers and homeowners alike!

Reduced on-site building time

The elements are manufactured in controlled conditions and delivered to the construction site, resulting in less need for on-site storage and significantly reduced construction time. Additionally, they can form both the finished interior surface, as well as the load-bearing structure, reducing finishing time significantly

Excellent fire resistance

CLT panels have good fire resistance as it is a massive wooden structure. The panel itself will char in a case of fire, but its structural bearing capabilities will remain. Insulation and other construction materials made from cross-laminated timber are fireproof as well

Size and style flexibility

CLT panels can be used for both load-bearing and visual structures - walls, floor and roofing - and they can be manufactured in varied sizes and styles. It is also possible to pre-fabricate whole modules in the factory and transport them to the site in an assembled form


Even second-grade timber can be used in the manufacturing of CLT products, resulting in efficient use of the log and a smaller carbon footprint, compared to other construction materials. Other elements such as adhesives do not contain any hazardous substances

Sound and thermal performance

CLT panels stand out with good sound insulation parameters, as well as excellent thermal conductivity. This means that throughout the year the house will provide a pleasant climate and sounds from the outside will not affect your privacy and vice versa


We use lumber from sustainable and fast-grown wood species for the manufacturing of our cross-laminated timber. All of our products are manufactured according to the quality standards set by the European Union and the whole production process has been certified

Technical Description of CLT

Use of CLT Can be used in all load-bearing and visual structures of the house - base floor, intermediate floor, roof, exterior walls, interior walls, terraces and balconies
Surface quality Industrial, non-visible, visible
Maximum length 10.50m
Maximum width 2.95m
Maximum thickness 60 - 260mm
Count of layers 3, 4, 5
Wood species Spruce, Pine, Larch
Grade C24, C30 (for structural calculations)
Moisture content 12% +/- 2%
Bonding adhesive Prefere 4546 by Dynea, HB S029 Purbond by Loctite
Weight 500kg/m3 (for structural calculations)
Dimensional stability
(panel size)
0.02% change for every 1% change in panel moisture content
Dimensional stability
(panel thickness)
0.24% change for every 1% change in panel moisture content
Reaction to fire D-s2, d0 in accordance with Commission Decision 2003/43/EC
Resistance to fire Charring rate of 0.65 mm/min in accordance with EN 1995-1-2
Water vapor resistance µ 20 to 50 in accordance with EN 12524
Thermal conductivity λ 0.13 W/(mK) in accordance with EN 12524
Specific heat capacity 1600 J/(kgK) in accordance with EN 12524
Air tightness  Airtightness of a 3-layer CLT panel and of panel joints has been tested to EN 12114 where it was found that the volumetric rates of flow were outside the measurable range

Wigo Group Cross-Laminated Timber factory

  • 5000m2 production premises
  • 20’000m3 of CLT manufactured per year
  • Factory and materials certified by ETA and CE marking
  • Convenient infrastructure
  • Austrian quality standards
  • Strict production protocol
  • On-going education
  • High-end production equipment
  • Advanced monitoring and design systems

Wigo Group CLT panels

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