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Standard Prefabricated Panels By WIGO Group

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Cross Laminated Timber Panels By Wigo Group

The most common application of Cross Laminated Timber panels is to use them in the external and internal wall constructions of the house, thus saving space and obtaining visually attractive interior walls without additional treatment
Ecological wood Fibre Heat Insulation
Standard Stone Wool Heat Insulation

Exclusive and patented Wigo.innovo.system®

Advantages of WIGO.innovo.system®

Solid wood construction (without films)
Natural, uniform room wellness climate
Exclusively of ecological materials
No use of polyethyleen
Perfect insulation for lower energy costs
Heat-storing, moisture-regulating
High sound insulation

Exclusive and Patented Wigo.Innovo.System®

More comfort...
The wigo.innovo.system®, as a wall-ceiling-roof system in the premium segment of prefabricated house construction, has been a trend-setting and multiple award winner. Now it has been perfected as a total ecological system. The result is a unique "outer wall combination: only made of wood", which is unique in terms of sustainable quality and living comfort in prefabricated house construction. 18cm solid wood construction with integrated cellulose chambers and 18 cm wood fiber insulation system.
Perfect insulation...
The "solid wood wall" of a total of 38 cm thickness guarantees an extremely low energy consumption for heating and cooling, has a moisture-regulating effect and convinces with a very good sound insulation. Probably the most important advantage of the natural material wood is its heat storage capacity - in summer as well as in winter. The solid wood in combination with the cellulose insulation ensures that the heat stays outside on hot days and that little heat is given off when it is cold.

What characterizes the Wigo.Innovo.System®

    • Solid wood construction without chipboard
    • Solid wood with integrated cellulose insulation chambers
    • Perfect ecological insulation
    • High sound insulation at the outer wall, intermediate wall and ceiling
    • Integrated electrical installation level
    • Ecological wall construction without foils
    • Wood - the building material from local forests and sustainable forestry
    • Wood fiber insulation
    • Certified production processe
      Advantages for the customer
      • Massive structure, stable in value
      • Natural and good indoor climate
      • Lower energy costs for heating and cooling
      • Comfortable, quiet living
      • Reduced assembly costs
      • "Breathable", permeable, moisture regulating
      • Sustainable forestry
      • Active contribution to environmental protection, strengthening the domestic economy
      • High fire protection compared to conventional full heat protection systems
      • Ensures high quality standard

      Why is WIGO Group building exclusively with wood?

      For more than five decades, WIGO Group has relied exclusively on wood as a building material.

      What is already there does not need to be produced in complex processes. Wood is a renewable resource. With a forest share of 52% of the state area, Latvia is one of the most heavily forested countries in Europe. This guarantees short transport routes through regional availability and at the same time contributes to securing the forestry and sawing industry and sustainable forest conservation.


      The tree absorbs carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air and transforms it into carbon (C) and oxygen (O2) through photosynthesis. The tree thus releases oxygen to its environment. No other building material requires less energy to produce than wood. No matter how the wood is processed, it continues to bind carbon permanently. Wooden buildings help to improve our climate.


      A high degree of prefabrication of wall, ceiling and roof elements in modern, weather-protected WIGO production halls is an essential prerequisite for the consistently high quality. The advantages for the client: less time and effort on site. Lower noise and environmental impact. The client automatically gets the simplest possible project management with the prefabricated house for its environmentally friendly solution.


      For many years, the standard versions of WIGO prefabricated houses have been in the low-energy sector. WIGO has always been seen as a pioneer and driver of the industry. In addition to the outstanding insulation values, WIGO also offers future-oriented technology, such as photovoltaics, solar thermal energy, etc. This brings multiple benefits: for the residents of the house, for the climate and the environment as well as for future generations. On the threshold of the future is the current innovation of the combination of solid wood with integrated cellulose chambers. The Plus Energy House already gives an outlook on future building and living - a house that generates more energy than it consumes for heating, cooling, hot water, light, household, etc.


      Short construction time due to the high prefabrication. Unlike mineral building materials, dehydration time is eliminated when building with wood. Timber construction enables a slim wall construction and thus a space gain of up to 10% with very good energy and building physics values. The wall structure also offers the safety benefits of practical experience in earthquake and flood prone areas


      Wood is a piece of nature and it remains even after processing. Pleasant and soothing surface feel as opposed to "cold building materials". Wood absorbs moisture and releases it in dry air. This creates a uniform indoor climate. Wood acts as a protection against electro smog and, according to long-term tests, also has a positive effect on sub consciousness and well-being.
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