5 best European modular home manufacturers

As various technological advancements have made this method of construction increasingly appealing to homeowners, modular homes manufacturers are currently seeing an increase in demand both in Europe, as well as in other parts of the world. Due to that, new manufacturers have started entering the market alongside companies that have been using modular technologies before. For prospective customers, it makes life both easier, as a wider range of options is always good, and harder because it is not always obvious which company you should choose. Let’s take a look at 5 of the best Europe modular home manufacturers, with each one of them having their distinct advantages, to help you pick the best one for your project!

Wigo Group

Wigo Group is an international company that currently manufactures its prefabricated buildings at a factory located in Latvia, however, its roots can be found in Austria. Back in the ’90s, it was one of the first companies in Europe that started manufacturing modular houses using CLT panels as the main construction material. This material is what most of the modular homes by Wigo Group are produced from today as well, given the fact that they are also a large-scale CLT manufacturer. That means they not only manufacture the prefabricated modules but also the materials they are made from, which provides significant advantages


Most importantly, it makes it easier to ensure the quality of buildings, because the modular home manufacturer is involved in all stages of the process – starting from manufacturing the materials up to the assembly on site. In addition to that, it also makes it easier to carry out various custom projects, as the necessary bespoke elements can be created right away in the factory. Another advantage that should be mentioned is a shorter production time because the manufacturer doesn’t depend on the materials suppliers and their delivery times. And, of course, another advantage is provided by the timber itself, as it’s an eco-friendly material that creates a pleasant living environment

Domino Homes

Domino Homes is a modular home manufacturer with an innovative approach of building prefabricated homes that’s different from most other companies on the market. The modules for their houses are made from recycled shipping containers which are given new life as the backbone of a house. This makes perfect sense, as shipping containers are made to carry heavy loads and withstand adverse weather conditions, therefore, they serve a strong backbone of the house. In addition to that, it can also be considered an environmentally friendly way of manufacturing homes, as materials are being recycled this way. The downside, however, is that these homes can’t provide much design flexibility or custom solutions and are mostly built using set layouts



Q-haus is another modular home manufacturer that manufactures the modules using timber. This manufacturer mainly offers 2 options: the Cliff modular house or the Teo module system. The former is a standard timber modular house layout with the total area of 73,9 m2, that consists of two connected modules that are delivered to the customer’s building site. While there is no possibility to change the layout of the building, each customer can customize the interior and exterior finishing to suit their taste. Meanwhile, the Teo module system consists of standardized 6x3x3m prefabricated modules that can be connected to create a house in the shape and size that its owner desires. Therefore, it’s suitable both for tiny houses, as well as large, spacious villas



Adria is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of caravans, motorhomes and large-scale mobile tents, which also has a production line of mobile and modular homes. The well-known brand name guarantees the quality of the modular home and the large manufacturing capabilities of the company allows it to efficiently mass-produce the modules, improving the total manufacturing time. The downside of this mass production, however, is that there is limited design flexibility available and the homes are fairly standardised even in terms of interior finishing. Therefore, this is a good choice for camping cottages and other temporary lodging developments, while owners of private homes might want some more flexibility


Koto is a timber modular homes manufacturer from the UK, that places much more emphasis on the design aspect instead of the simplicity and convenience that’s usually emphasised when talking about the buildings of this kind. That isn’t to say their houses aren’t practical – it’s just that they pay more attention to the appearance than other modular home manufacturers, with each home design being created by an architect. Of course, such a modular house might also cost slightly more. However, if that’s what you’re after, they offer a variety of designs, from small homes to large, spacious ones, as well as a module system that allows everyone to create a home that’s the exact perfect size for them

Of course, there are many more modular homes manufacturers all across Europe, however, these are the ones that we would suggest looking into if you plan on constructing a modular home. As each of them has a slightly different design and production methods, we’re sure that this list covers most segments of the market


If you’d like to find out more about the modular homes offered by Wigo Group, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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