Leading CLT manufacturers in Europe

The number of CLT manufacturers in Europe has grown proportionally to the demand for this material, which has seen a considerable increase. As the use of cross-laminated timber and other engineered wood materials has been becoming increasingly widespread, several timber manufacturers have decided to invest in new CLT manufacturing facilities, meanwhile, many of those who were already on the market, have been trying to increase their manufacturing capacity. If you are interested in using CLT for a project of yours, take a look at our list of 5 best CLT manufacturers in Europe, and get to know the advantages that each of them can provide

Wigo Group

Wigo Group has been a CLT manufacturer since the 90s when it was one of the first companies in Europe to do so. Back then the company was located in Austria but in recent years its factory, along with all the manufacturing equipment and expertise, has been moved to Latvia for optimised production process. Thanks to Wigo Group’s patented CLT panel production line, which can manufacture 2000m3 of cross-laminated timber per month, the company has retained its place among the leading European CLT manufacturers and their decades-long experience in the market ensures that all of the products meet the highest quality standards. Meanwhile, the manufacturing location in the Baltics means that the CLT products can be quickly and conveniently delivered to any part of Europe – from Scandinavia to Eastern Europe to Western and Central Europe

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CLT Finland

CLT Finland, also known under their brand name Hoisko is a fairly new entrant to the market, being established only five years ago. However, its considerable manufacturing capacity and continued investment aimed at increasing it, has helped the company to be mentioned among the leading cross-laminated timber manufacturers. The company behind the brand is made up of several Finnish partner companies that work in different fields – from woodworking to logistics – which allows CLT Finland to control all the parts of the CLT manufacturing process in a centralised manner


Stora Enso

The Nordic forestry products giant Stora Enso manufactures a wide range of wood-derived renewable materials for various purposes and industries, therefore, there’s no surprise that it also manufactures cross-laminated timber. The large size of the company plays to its advantage in this case, helping to achieve a high manufacturing capacity, which makes Stora Enso one of the biggest producers or CLT by manufacturing volume. It has also allowed them to create various technology solutions for architects and engineers to simplify designing buildings that use CLT


Eugen Decker

Eugen Decker is a family-owned German company carrying the name of its founder, with a history that reaches several decades in the past. Originally a sawmill and producer of timber, the company changed its course in the 90s to enter the growing market of engineered wood products. Since then, it has been a well-known manufacturer of cross-laminated timber, with 2 manufacturing plants and many successfully completed projects across Germany and other countries. The company pays a lot of attention to sustainable forest management and sources the raw materials accordingly



KLH is an Austrian company that was one of the first manufacturers of CLT in the 90s and even participated in the development of this new timber product, along with researchers at the Technical University of Graz. Today it is still one of the leading companies in the field, standing as the third biggest European CLT manufacturer in 2019. In the near future, the company is planning to open an additional CLT production facility, to take it closer to the first spot

As the market for CLT panels keeps growing, there are more and more new manufacturers and production sites launched across all of Europe every year. And the best option to choose among them depends on the specifics of each project. While some prefer to choose the large manufacturers and the production volumes that their facilities can offer, others might choose smaller cross-laminated timber manufacturers instead, which provide more flexibility and bespoke solutions. That’s why we have included CLT manufacturers from both categories in this article, to help you find the best solutions for your project


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