Premium prefab houses

Premium prefab. Energy-efficient, green and safe houses

Despite being a prefab house provider, the company prioritizes customization and offers a variety of house styles, layouts, and finishes.

Quality & Experience

Our premium prefab houses tend to be 40% more energy efficient than the standard new home, with features such as advanced thermal insulation and eco-friendly fixtures and other hi tech materials.

Natural material for greater comfort

Wigo.innovo.system is a system for assembling prefab houses.
It is an environmentally friendly system focused on a wide range of customers.

External walls are exclusively from wood. Quality of comfort and comfort of prefab houses. The wall is a 18-cm-thick wood insulation insulation system.

Certified manufacturing processes of Wigo.innovo.System® ensure a high quality standards

Natural materials for perfect insulation

Solid wood wall with a total thickness of 38 cm provides a significant reduction in the amount of energy consumed for heating and cooling, has moisture-regulating properties and guarantees very good sound insulation. But perhaps the most important advantage of natural wood is its ability to accumulate heat, both in summer and in winter.

In combination with cellulose insulation, solid wood on hot days allows you to keep warm outside, and on cold days, mostly inside.

This useful feature is also enhanced by the external two-layer insulation of wood fiber, so the temperature inside the room is mostly unchanged.

Unlike traditional timber frame structures, WIGO systems contain up to 10 times more wood and do not use plastic films or other synthetic materials.