Prefabricated houses

WIGO prefab panel houses are high quality and environmentally friendly houses

Every element (external, internal walls, roofs, pillars, etc) that composes the house is produced indoors under controlled conditions. Everything is carefully assessed in the design phase, and each individual part is produced according to a careful manufacturing process which respects and meets the highest quality standards. The construction site time is short. The risks and cost of construction on site are significantly reduced.

Our houses are ecological, built from materials that are certified.

Moreover, our technology does not pollute the environment and the waste of construction is reduced to a minimum.


Main elements of prefabricated panel house

Main prefabricated house elements are structural wooden frames. Each element of the house is insulated with fire-resistant insulation, according to the house specification. The frame is reinforced from both sides with special boards. Vapour isolation is used in the inside side of the wall, while on the outside special windproof diffusion film is used.

These elements forms prefabricated panels: external walls, internal walls, floor spans and roof panels up to the roof cover.

WIGO Off-site manufacture allows to produce houses with preinstalled windows, entrance doors, certain roof covering, electricity tubes etc.

The advantages of prefab panel houses