Modular houses

Prefabricated modules

Our prefabricated modules are built in our controlled facility, reducing time delays and material damage as well as minimizing site disturbance and noise pollution. Quick to complete, each module then transported to construction site



Wigo modules made of solid wood

Cross laminated timber (CLT) is a load-bearing structure, insulating structure and also visible surface inside and outside. The CLT structure is moisturizingly breathable but highly airtight and energy-efficient.

Wigo modules  made of insulated timber framed panels

Flexible, cost-effective, structurally stable, aesthetically pleasing and precision engineered low carbon building.



We produce according your
needs or possibilities

Each module includes plumbing, electrical fixtures and fittings as opposed to being delivered in kit form or as separate components to be assembled and installed on site.

We manufacture CLT modules for a range of purposes

Modules as ready-to-use buildings, which are connected to each other to achieve desired building entity.

Modules can be manufactured for multi-storey buildings, terraced houses and town houses, as well as:

Garden buildings, such as saunas, shelters, home offices, summer kitchens

Separate spaces placed in larger buildings, such as meeting rooms

Quickly moved buildings etc

By combining various modules,  quickly build student complex or another residential group