Located in Baltics
Production premises: 5000 m2
Factory capacity: CLT  20000 m3/ year 

Prefab and modular houses 50—200 houses/year

High-tech equipment: HUNDEGGER, WEINIG, GREEKON, SIEGEL AG etc.

Production of CLT houses and elements, prefab panel houses, modular houses and finished construction materials

Good infrastructure: Nearest port 50 km, logistically good location at the intersection of transport and raw material flows of Estonia, Russia, Belarus, Latvia, Sweden, Norway

CLT production

Production involves state-of-the-art computer-controlled factory machining.

Boards of kiln-dried, finger-jointed spruce are sorted and cut into sheets of up to 10.5m by 2.95m. These sheets are then stacked and glued in press with microwave fixation in perpendicular layers. The panels are available in 3, 4 or 5 board layers. 

The panels can be supplied with different grades of top layer - non-visual, industrial grade visual, and domestic grade visual. 

Aditionally offered top layers are oak or cedar.

Our manufacturing process of engineered CLT panels involves a number of innovations that set the product unique - the most notable of which is a gluing system which allows the use of melamine adhesive in the boards.  This adhesive is able to achieve a very high quality level of adhesion, with no risk of toxic emissions at any stage in the product’s life cycle. 

The panels are cut and processed using CNC 5-axis processing centre.

The CNC machine is designed to efficiently cut large panels resulting in excellent dimensional stability, both in overall panel size and for structural openings

CLT is manufactured conforming to the Eurupean quality standards and the whole production process is certified.

Timber frame production

Production of completely all components of house

Production on our specialized production line, providing maximum frame compression and precise geometry of the panel.

Frame is the key element in building structure predetermining endurance, strength and durability of the building. Constructive parts of the house are made from fully treated, dried to 15% ± 3% humidity, planed wood, strength classes C18, C24 . 

Only certified raw materials from verified suppliers are used. All materials comply quality standards, our product is CE-marked





Modular Production

Modular production using CLT panels or insulated timber panels. 

Timber panel modular production process includes constructing wood framing, cold-formed steel framing. Once the floor system is complete the pre-constructed wall panels and roof system are added, thus completing the structure of the module. The electrical wiring and plumbing are inserted into the module both during the general construction of the structure and after the construction of the structure is complete. The exterior walls are then insulated and covered with sheathing.

CLT modular houses are produced from CLT prefabricated panels - solid prefabricated elements  or insulated prefabricated elements 

Solid prefabricated element - where CLT is a single, solid-wood structure, sanded and painted external and internal CLT surface, thickness of the structure up to 240mm

Insulated prefabricated elements where is CLT structure with insulation, fixing battens, cladding and different external and internal surface finishings

Quality assured by off-site manufacture

Our manufactured elements are precisely engineered in an automated factory environment, not a building site, with conditions that are optimum for manufacturing. Each manufactured element is quality controlled throughout the design and manufacturing process, ensuring it matches the specification of each individual project.