Building long term partnerships

Our success we build from our ability to create long-term relationships with our customers and partners, and become an integral part of their business process. This allows us to increase our input and provide customers with our service solution.  We place innovation and product development at the heart of our business to create new opportunities. Through investment in research and development, we are able to provide meaningful solutions for our clients across all market sectors.

We cooperate with companies of different industries, including the largest Latvian banks, real estate developers, architects and construction companies.

Are you an architect?


WIGO partners with architects on custom and serial off-site projects, bringing our experience and engineering team to ensure prefab execution. We work with you during the design process or can tailor a pre-existing design for off-site construction. 
Wigo can produce any architects design — as long as it can meet shipping requirements.

We feedback during the design process


Are you a developer?

We are ready to take your next project to a new level.  Whether you have development idea, housing option, or rentals idea, we will fit your every need.
We focus on energy efficiency, innovative design, progressive space management, sustainable building practices.

Our off-site prefabrication results in shorter build times with a fixed cost, offering predictability and successful project execution.

In addition to developer pricing, we can market your project to our wide audience of prospective buyers. 

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